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Wholesale Solutions

Are you looking for unique herbal tea blends for your own café, restaurant, hotel, store, or for your personal gifts? Collaborate with us to create your own signature blends and customized tea service and packaging.


With Bo’s Coffee, Tsaa Laya collaborated to create their bestselling iced beverages such as the Tropical Breeze and Ginger Lemongrass Citrus Iced Tea.

Make your café stand out by introducing Filipino origin infusions in your menu. We can customize your hot tea and iced beverages using our diverse, local herbs and fruits. 


Serving Tsaa Laya in Gallery by Chele, one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants, a great way of pairing local cuisines with Filipino infusions.

Bolster the ingenuity of your menu by pairing your dishes and desserts with our Filipino infusions. Our herbal teas are a perfect match in cleansing the palate after a hearty, sumptuous meal.


Develop with us your own way of serving your teas to your hotel patrons based on your own brand and story.

Let your hotel patrons relax by treating them with our calming infusions located in your room and pantry.



Let your store stand out by offering unique herbal infusions. Let your customers choose from an array of tea, either as looseleaf or in a tea bag!

Gift Items

Make your event memorable by infusing Filipino ingenuity into your gift giveaways! Wow guests with tea chests or tea purses, or work with us and we’ll create the perfect gift item that fits your budget.