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Gift Box on Tea-Chocolate Pairing

Tsaa Laya

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Gift Box on Tea-Chocolate Pairing

Opening our gift box of tea pairings, we proudly present single-origin chocolates made by leading Filipino brands,  Ginto Luxury Chocolates and Hiraya Filipino Bean-To-Bar Chocolates.

These chocolate bites represent the novelty of Philippine cacao, whose flavor profile is unique to each island of origin.

The fruity and full-bodied notes of Hiraya's Chocolate Medallion, showcasing Davao origin, pairs well with the sweet tart feel of our Bughaw floral infusion and Pandan tisane.

On the other hand, Ginto's chocolate, representing Bohol origin, teases a delightful contrast between its bold, rich flavor and the fruity notes of our Tropical Summer fruit and Lemon Ginger infusion.

Our most recommended pairing, however, is none other than our Mint tea and our newest line of cacao infusions.

This gift box contains 12 assorted single tea envelopes and eight single origin chocolate bites.

We invite you to sit back, take a sip and bite of comfort wherever you are with our pairing of Philippine teas and chocolates.

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